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Sherburn Hungate Primary School

Chromebooks for Learning Scheme

Coming Spring Term 2020


Scheme Overview

Sherburn Hungate Primary School is embarking on its first year of the 'Chromebooks for Learning Scheme', following in the footsteps of both Sherburn High School and Tadcaster Grammar School; our academy secondary schools.  It's an incredibly exciting project destined to take our children's learning to the next level.

Since the global pandemic and the full launch of home learning through Google Classroom and Class Dojo, digital learning has become an integral part of our children's learning journeys.  We want them to embrace technology in this rapidly changing climate and we hope that parents/carers will engage and support us in this forward-looking initiative.

Using Chromebooks will enable our children to become well-informed, responsible digital citizens and lifelong learners.  Once our children have access to their own devices, we know the scheme will bring enormous educational benefits.

In order to facilitate this, the school have made a partnership with an education ICT supplier, who can offer a device which is suited to use in a school environment.  As part of the financial package, they offer a three-year warranty and insurance against accidental damage.

We must stress, however, that this scheme is voluntary.  Children who do not take part in the scheme will be able to use one of the school Chromebook devices.  For security reasons, our network doesn't allow personal devices.

We would've liked to have purchased Chromebooks for all our children from school funds.  Sadly, due to the ever-increasing financial pressures on school, this is simply not possible.

Why have we opted for Chromebooks?

Children need to be prepared for an increasingly digital world.  The latest research confirms that good home access to technology has a positive impact on a child's educational achievements;  it motivates them to do school work by providing more interesting and engaging ways to learn.

The use of Chromebooks will not replace, but enhance our existing learning strategies.  Importantly, Chromebooks give children seamless access to Google Apps for Education which is used increasingly across school to enhance the learning experience.

Using Chromebooks, the children will:

  • Create, share and collaborate with others
  • Use subject-related content both at home and at school
  • Access the myON digital library of over 5,850 books

The traditional methods of teaching and learning are still very much a part of life at Sherburn Hungate Primary School, and will continue to be.  Chromebooks are an educational tool and are not there to replace but enhance these methods.

So what is a 'Chromebook'?

Chromebook Features

 Some of the Chromebook features are:

  • Multipurpose Device (Tablet & Laptop)
  • Splash-proof
  • 8 Second 'on'
  • 90cm drop-safe
  • Rugged design
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Excellent for collaboration, linking directly to our classroom display boards.
  • Secure unlimited cloud storage

How to order your child's Chromebook - section opens soon

Ordering your child's Chromebook is simple.  Click here to access the ordering portal.

We're rolling the Chromebook for Learning Scheme out to children from Year 1 through to Year 6.  There's a different username for each class:


Miss Sowden/Mrs Soane -

Mr Kelly -

Mrs Butterfield -

Miss Smith -

Mr Rushworth -

Mr Browning -


The password for all usernames is Hung@te123

The Chromebook

The Lenovo 300e Chromebook

How the device is funded

Parents/carers can purchase the device outright or commit to fixed monthly payments, spreading the cost with no personal credit checks.

The cost of the device includes:

  • Chromebook, charger and case
  • Full 3yr breakdown warranty & Accidental Damage Cover
  • Google Education licence
  • Ownership of the device following full payment


Outright purchase of the Lenovo Chromebook 300e is expected to be around £300.00-£320.00.

Three payment plan options:

  • 36mths - Expected to be around £12.50/month
  • 24mths - Expected to be around £16.50/month
  • 12mths - Expected to be around £22.00/month


Portal Key Dates

The first ordering portal is opening soon.