North Crescent, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Leeds, North Yorkshire, LS25 6DD

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Sherburn Hungate Primary School

Ethos & Values

At Sherburn Hungate Primary School, we are committed to 'connecting' with our stakeholders, working together to make our school a happy, successful and thriving place.  We 'grow' people and we 'care' about them.  We work hard to give our community the skills necessary to access a widening range of knowledge and understanding; skills that enable us all to be valued, 'respectful' life-long learners.

We aim for our school community to have:


  • Learning experiences that are inspiring
  • principles of valuing self and others


To meet these aims we strive to:


  • celebrate achievements of all stakeholders
  • promote the independence of all learners
  • develop awareness of the wider world
  • equip the whole school community with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a genuine positive contribution to society
  • promote healthy lifestyles, helping young people to make informed choices
  • hold and encourage the highest of aspirations, both short term and long term